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3 Bakery Business Owners

I would like to share 3 bakery business owners that can inspire us as well as teach us whether you are just beginning to get into baking or have been baking for years here.

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The first Inspiring baker is:

Sally, who has a great blog and shares so many tips as well as monthly baking contests! I own all 3 of her books which I turn to often for great cookie recipes!

About Sally’s Baking Addiction

Welcome to my kitchen! My name is Sally. I’m a mother, baker, blogger, author, and food photographer. I live in Maryland with my family and our loveable dog, Franklin.
As a young girl, I spent hours watching my mother and grandmother work their baking magic in the kitchen, especially their pecan pie and soda bread. Is there anything better than the smell of fresh homemade bread in the house? By the time I picked up my first mixing spoon, I was hooked.
I started Sally’s Baking Addiction in 2011 as a personal blog. It was just an easy way to share my baking recipes with friends and family. My small hobby blog quickly ignited a passion for food photography as well as a desire to teach others…not just what to bake, but how to bake.
As a self-taught baker myself, I’m fiercely dedicated to providing well-tested recipes and sharing everything I’ve learned along the way. Before I post a new recipe, you can feel confident that I have already tested it dozens of times in my own kitchen.
This is why Sally’s Baking Addiction has become a trusted resource for anyone who wants to bake from scratch. In addition to the hundreds of recipes on the site, you’ll also find helpful kitchen tips, lessons on baking basics, step-by-step photos, and video tutorials that will help you gain confidence and expertise in the kitchen.
Just a year and a half after launching my blog, I quit my full-time job to build Sally’s Baking Addiction into the business you see today. I’ve written, photographed, and published more than a thousand from-scratch recipes and wrote three cookbooks.
My one-woman show grew into a talented and dedicated team including Stephanie, Hilari, Trina, and Lexi as well as our video experts, Stronz, Kristopher, Ashlynn, and David.
I’m so grateful this has been my path in life, and I truly hope Sally’s Baking Addiction will be your first stop when you need a recipe for any occasion. I’m thankful you’re here to join the baking adventure!

The next featured baker and business owner is: The Flour Box.
I came across this website when I was searching for cookie supplies, little did I know what I would find!!

The Flour Box~

Where The Flour Box all began…

Anne Yorks, the owner of The Flour Box, is one smart cookie! She started decorating in 2007 when she left the ‘real world’ to be a stay-at-home mom and pursue her dreams of owning and operating her own company. She turned her passion into a business (originally called Flour Box Bakery) in 2010. A baker since a very young age, Anne is self-taught and has perfected her cookies and techniques over years of trial and error. 

A few fun things about Anne and The Flour Box:
Anne Yorks graduated from Penn State University in 2001 with a degree in journalism.
The Flour Box headquarters just moved into a brand-new space in Centre Hall, PA. It is set up beautifully for all things cookie decorating. The Flour Box is mainly an online business, but if you want to visit, please schedule an appointment in advance.
The Flour Box isn’t just Anne! She has a team of incredible women who help her run The Flour Box.
If you come for an in-person class with Anne, you should know we are fully insured and maintain a healthy and safe environment for cookie baking and decorating.

This next business:

The 3rd Baker is one that I recently discovered! I have been wanting to learn how to decorate sugar cookies like the pros do! I still have a lot to learn but guarantee you will be wanting to learn how to!

Lolly’s Cookie Camp”

This is an actual series of videos you can sign up for and learn how to decorate cookies at your own speed! It’s so much fun and can eventually be a once little business if that’s what you are interested in! Here’s her story:

Hi, I’m Lauren, a graphic designer-turned-cookier, obsessed with creating more joy in life and in the kitchen. 

I grew up knowing I wanted to have a creative career. If you asked my mom and dad, they would have told you my curly hair was proof of my creativity. I chose graphic design to make my mark on the world, but after having kids, I needed a different outlet. I needed more joy, and cookies gave me that. 
I decorated my first cookie when I was going through the hardest years of my life. I had a baby with a serious medical condition, and my life changed in an instant. My son’s needs were so tremendous that I left my graphic design job and became his around-the-clock caretaker. Eventually, we found some stability, and I decided to bring something into my life that was just for ME: cookie decorating!

Over the last four years, I’ve taught myself the dos and don’ts of baking and decorating cookies through a lot of trial and error. Now, I want to share the basics and techniques that look impressive, but can be easy to master. My goal is to inspire you to jump in and choose to have more fun and joy in life—through cookies! 
I earned a bachelor of arts degree from Ricks College, Idaho in graphic design. The design degree and my passion for design and art come in very handy running a cookie business. After over 20 years running various art departments, and my own graphic design firm, I’m able to bring my experiences full circle as I share my baking and decorating passion to different outlets and formats online, reaching all over the world. 
I’m also the mother of three amazing kids, a heart mom, and am married to my soul mate and best friend.
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Interested in her class? Check out the affiliate link here!! LINK

So as you take a look at these 3 bakers that turned their love of baking into a business you can do this as well! Don’t want a baking business? You can just enjoy their recipes and products along with the cookie camp to bake for your family in your own kitchen!

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